teaching model
It is a teaching model that uses traditional games of the learners vicinity to understand the concepts of Physics. It creates of the learners in the subject and also develops skills like logical thinking, problem solving and strategy making.
  • GBTM in Indian Schools
  • GBTM in Universities
  • GBTM in US Schools
 Latest Activities
A workshop ‘Creating Active Learning Environment through Innovative Teaching Practices at Middle and High School Level’ was organized at AIS on May 11’ 2013
Traditional Indian Games / models used are:

1. Gulli Danda (Dandi-biyo)
2. Dhanush Baan (Bow & arrow)
3. Gulel (Sling shot)
4. Kanchey (Marbles)

5. Kho – Kho

6. Sampholia (Pithoo)

7. Lattu